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The point of the tourist destinations in late 2019 is the most worth going

Nguyễn Việt Travel

Nguyễn Việt Travel

The point of the tourist destinations in late 2019 is the most worth going
17/11/2019 - 12:11:09 PM | 4
Year-end parties are the best season to travel. Not only is the weather cool and pleasant, but the natural scenery changes color overwhelmed, the destinations are not too crowded, and especially the price is cheap.

1. Con Dao - holiday season in late 2019 and early 2020

Con Dao is always beautiful season, also suitable for traveling. But the end of the year and the beginning of the new year with fresh air, light sunshine, strange blue sea is still the time to attract the most tourists.

2. China - autumn paradise

Autumn Chinese tourism increasingly attracts domestic and foreign visitors. Besides the chilly, cool and pleasant weather, this time is also suitable to see the brightly colored red and yellow leaves in the Great Wall, Huong Son Park, Summer Palace, Park. Fragrant Hills, Diaoyu Dai, Cuu Trai Cau, Truong Gia Gioi ... Or maybe to O Tran, Hangzhou, ... to immerse yourself in ancient autumn colors that are romantic, peaceful and strange.

China in the autumn is also the time when typical and unique dishes such as duck with cinnamon flower, hairy crab, high flower cinnamon, cinnamon flower, ... are served. So, don't miss the exciting Chinese tour of autumn and the experience of Anh Duong Tours.




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