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20/02/2021 - 09:02:12 AM | 0

Phu Quoc, also known as Pearl Island, has an area of 1320 km2, a length of 48 km from North to South, is one of the largest islands in Vietnam, also the largest of the 22 islands. 45 km from Ha Tien to the west, 15 km south of Cambodia, in the Gulf of Thailand.

Visitors coming here not only are attracted by beautiful beaches, fresh seafood but also have the opportunity to experience interesting recreational activities. The system of mountains, forests and islands has created a distinctive feature for Phu Quoc.

With two distinct seasons, the dry season from November to April next year and the rainy season from May to October, the temperature base is only from 28 degrees Celsius all year round. Therefore, visitors can come here at any time of the year by plane or train. Especially in the dry season, the weather is dry, the sea is quiet, convenient for all entertainment activities, such as:

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing. Source: Internet

Night squid fishing is one of the very unique experiences that many visitors choose by the relaxing moments that it brings. Time to start going from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm, the boat returns to the island. Visitors will be able to manually fish the squid or pick up swordfish, green fish and immediately enjoy the booty processed on the boat.

Scuba diving to watch the coral
Most resorts in Phu Quoc offer swimming and diving to see coral reefs in ideal locations such as An Thoi Islands, Mong Tay Island and Doi Moi in the North Island.

Scuba diving to see the coral in Phu Quoc. Source: Internet

The beaches of Phu Quoc have many colorful, dense, close together, rich coral reefs that are ranked among the first in Vietnam. Just a snorkel, life jacket, diving goggles, not too far from the shore will have the opportunity to admire the rich flora and fauna here. Especially in Hon Thom, the coral area is up to 44 hectares.

Explore the primeval forest

In addition to the fun activities in the sea, you can also explore pristine forests with unique ecosystems with rich and diverse rare flora and fauna and beautiful streams.


Typically, Da Ngon stream ecological conservation area, where charming scenery, fresh air and green trees surround the stream, suitable for outdoor activities.

Visit the historic Phu Quoc prison

Phu Quoc prison is one of the historical sites of Vietnam, a destination not to be missed when coming to Phu Quoc. This place keeps a memory of the painful civil war of the nation. Visitors can see with their own eyes the place where communist prisoners were kept during the South-North Vietnam War through the torture models.

Phu Quoc Prison. Source: Internet

Located in An Thoi town, Phu Quoc prison is considered as "hell on earth", a haunting dark patch in the middle of a peaceful green island, proving the severity of war.

Visit the bee farm

Bee farm. Source: Internet

The bee farm located in Hamlet 2, Cua Can commune is an ecotourism destination that attracts many tourists who love the peaceful nature and explore the world of honey bees. Get the honey that you can also enjoy the dishes prepared from them.

Enjoy the cuisine

Phu Quoc seafood is always guaranteed freshness from barbecues in luxury restaurants to small shops on the roadside or in Dinh Cau market, but you can also freely choose seafood species: fish , snails, crabs, squid, ... with affordable prices and are processed according to requirements will satisfy all customers who come.

Phu Quoc Seafood. Source: Internet

In addition, Kien Xay noodle dish is also a favorite choice for many young people because of the fun it brings. The processing stages are held right in front of customers and customers can prepare their own taste.

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