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18/02/2021 - 10:02:18 AM | 3

The West is always a destination chosen by many tourists because of the idyllic, rustic beauty full of the river. Having reached the West, you should not miss the following tourist destinations.

Tra Su Melaleuca forests – An Giang

Tra Su Melaleuca forests in Van Thuy commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang with an area of up to 850 hectares is one of the typical attractions, symbolizing the beauty of An Giang floating water season.

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It is full of the most characteristic features of the river region with the typical ecosystem of the flooded forests west of the Hau River. Sailing in the nooks and crannies of the jungle amidst the lush greenery will be a memorable experience for visitors. Especially in the floating water season from September to November.


Tan Lap Floating Village – Long An

Tan Lap floating village, also known as Tan Lap tram forest, is about 100km from Saigon in Moc Hoa district, Long An province. , figs are in full bloom.

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There is also a 10-storey 38-storey observation observatory that offers panoramic views of the property. The floating water season from August to November lunar calendar with a rich ecosystem will be a must-see destination when coming to the West.


Tram Chim – Dong Thap National Park

Tram Chim National Park is home to the largest wetland area of Dong Thap Muoi area in Tam Nong district, Dong Thap province. It is recognized as the 4th biosphere reserve in Vietnam and the 2000th in the world with more than 232 species of birds including many rare species such as earth, lotus, crazy, stork, spoon stork,... especially the red-headed Crane - animals that are included in the red list are endangered.

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The land of "six months of dry grass burning, six months of water flooded with white copper" attracts a lot of tourists not only by the natural scenery but also the extremely interesting experience of the life of the fishing village people but also enjoy the special dishes of Tram Chim such as fish sauce guns. , fish hotpot,...


Fan Field - Bac Lieu

The fan field in the hamlet of Bien Dong A, Vinh Trach Dong commune is the first wind power field of Southeast Asia built on the continental shelf and has the largest scale in Vietnam.

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With 62 giant coastal turbines 82m high, you can still clearly see them from a distance of dozens of kilometers. The best time to visit a windy field is early in the morning - when dawn or dusk comes down promising to leave pictures that are no less than a distant Dutch country or a romantic, peaceful Western sky.


Cai Rang Floating Market – Can Tho

Cai Rang Floating Market located about 3.7 mi from can tho city center is one of the five largest floating markets in the Mekong Delta region, voted by the British travel magazine Rough Guide as one of the 10 most impressive markets in the world.

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Formed more than 100 years ago, Cai Rang floating market still retains its inherent characteristics. Shopping or dining activities are all taking place on the river especially in the early morning.


Pirate Islands – Kien Giang

The Pirate Islands consist of 16 large and small islands nearly 17 mi off the coast of Ha Tien and 40km from Phu Quoc Island. In particular, Hon Tre – Hon Doc is located in Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien district is the largest island.

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Although not as famous as Phu Quoc and Nam Du, the Pirate Islands are known to visitors for their unspoiled, fresh natural beauty and unforgettable experiences of fishing village life, coral watching, fishing or snorkeling,...


Cape Ca Mau

Cape Ca Mau is located in Mui Hamlet, Dat Mui Commune, Ngoc Hien District, more than 100 km from Ca Mau city. Dat Mui is also a popular tourist destination of Ca Mau with a dense canal system covered with a thousand green of fish trees, mangroves with a forest system with a unique and diverse ecosystem.

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Visitors will experience ca Mau folk life such as fishing, eating bees, catching rats,... and enjoy a variety of local specialties.


Bat Pagoda – Soc Trang

Bat Pagoda - Mahatup, also known as Ma Tribe Pagoda, is located at 73B Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 3, Soc Trang City.

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Bat Pagoda is one of the most famous and historical temples in Soc Trang with a unique architectural complex with local cultural identity and fresh scenery. In particular, it is home to thousands of bats in the temple's garden.


Tangerine Ecological Zone – Dong Thap

Cao Lanh ecological area is about 30 km from Cao Lanh city center in My Long and My Hiep communes, with an area of up to 50 hectares including about 20 hectares of tram forest and the rest is a mangrove system.

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Come here you can sit in a canoe and explore the nooks and crannies of the tram forest, while walking along the unique path in the ruins of about 1.5kmlong creeping under the foresttrees. Also visit the ancient war zone ruins and enjoy the taste of country dishes.


Thoi Son Island – Tien Giang

Thoi Son Islet is also known as Thai Son islet or Lan dune, located downstream of Tien River, in Thoi Son commune, My Tho city, Tien Giang province.

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Thoi Son Islet is a land that receives preferential treatment from nature than other islets with a large garden system and abundant fruit orchards and typical forms of tourism such as going down and down the poor canals between two rows of coconut water, walking along rocky roads or sitting in the garden houses drinking honey tea and listening to talented singers. It is these factors that make Thoi Son Island an ideal weekend destination.

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