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8 advice for travelling on a budget

Nguyễn Việt Travel

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8 advice for travelling on a budget
05/02/2021 - 09:02:41 AM | 5

Nowadays, budget tour is a choice that many travelers opt for when they have plan for a faraway trip, especially youngsters and people with low and even medium income. Budget tour can be seen as one of the ways to optimize your travelling experience, from the place you stay to add-on services along with it. You can also make use of discount codes or coupons to make the best out of your budget plan, so you don’t have to think about cutting corners or choose to stay at a hotel or accommodation facility that is too shabby.


1. Pick the right destination and departure time

The easiest way to choose a destination for your budget tour is none other than just going through to locations near your area, may be just a few hours driving away. Or just key “budget tour destination”, “budget tour site” in that search box, hit enter and voila – there’s your list of choices.

Choosing the right time and place for the tour will help save your money. Source: Internet

After you have a destination in mind, don’t forget to do a little research on it and make sure to check the weather forecast during your trip, so you don’t waste time and money on additional fees like entrance tickets at tourist sites, taxi fares, raincoat or umbrella, etc… Plan the order of where you will be sight-seeing wisely, because travelling back and forth from destination to destination will cost not only your time but money as well.

There are 2 main travelling seasons in a year, peak season and off season. In peak season, almost all services such as flight tickets and accommodation will be rocket high. Therefore, to save your money, choose to travel in the time between 2 seasons or in off season. However, in off season, weather can be a problem that hinder your plan for the whole trip.


2. Plan to save money while travelling

As soon as you are set on a destination, make a detailed plan for travelling. Plan your budget for necessities before the trip will help you avoid wasting money on things that are not much needed.

Plan your trip. Source: Internet

Normally, the list of expenses during a trip include the following:

  • Cost of visa/passport (if traveling abroad)
  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation fees
  • Food and beverage expenses
  • Souvenirs
  • Additional fees

Give each section in the above plan a specific number so you don’t go over your budget, but can still have an enjoyable trip.


3. Look for discount

Airlines, hotel, restaurants and travel agencies offer discounts to their services all year round, specifically in summer and during long holidays. The more wisely you use these discounts, the more you can make out of your trip. Therefore, you should plan your trip early and keep up with different agencies for information on new discounts.

Make use of discounts for the trip. Source: Internet

For travelers, time is a major factor that helps them cut costs for their budget plan, especially money for flight tickets. The price for flight tickets usually fluctuate depending on your departure time. Hotels and accommodation facilities are no exception when it comes to price fluctuation, therefore, when you have decided on the time frame for your trip, pick up the phone and book the tickets right away. Another useful tip is that you should book flights that depart on Wednesday for international routes and on Tuesday for domestic routes. Choosing flights that depart early in the morning or late at night also helps save a lot of your money.


4. Pick the tour combo

Selecting a tour combo is one of the wise ways to travel on a budget that many people opt for. Unlike the traditional tour package, tour combo includes many more services like flight tickets, hotel fees, breakfasts and entrance tickets, etc… Services vary depending on the tour combo that travelers choose. Tour combo offers more freedom and flexibility, so travelers don’t have to be fixated on a specific schedule or time frame for sight-seeing. Travelers can also have the freedom to choose their preferred locations to visit and departure time.

Getting a tour combo gives tourists more flexibility. Source: Internet

Besides, the price for a tour combo is much cheaper than paying for each service separately. In addition, it helps save a lot of time preparing for the trip, and your travel insurance is also covered by the travel agency.


5. Join the travelling groups

Joining groups that share experiences on travelling not only helps you gain a lot of information and use tips, but also gives you a list of add-on services that you might need such as food and beverage locations, vehicle-leasing places or which souvenirs to bring back home.

Joining groups that share experiences on travelling. Source: Internet

In these travel tips sharing group, there is a whole lot of useful information based on travelers’ past experience on hotels, restaurants, methods of transportation and also information on new discount offers. Whether you are a backpacker type of travelers or you are just simply looking for a vacation, these groups that share travelling tips will be your guide. A few notable travelling group are: Thần Kinh Phượt, Amazing Things in Vietnam, Herewego.vn, Vietnam Travel, etc…


6. Look up the carrier’s allowance on luggage and personal belongings

Look up information about regulations on luggage. Source: Internet

Baggage allowance must be one of the most common issues that travelers by flights forget about. For budget airlines, exceeding the weight allowed will result in a heavy fine. Therefore, after you have chosen which airline to fly with, it is important to do a little research on their baggage allowance. Look up these information so you can consider and organize your personal belongings on the trip and be able to bring souvenirs home for your friends and family.


7. Bring some dry food with you

For a long schedule of travelling, prepare beforehand some dry food like break, sausage, instant food, etc… These will reduce you hunger if you crave for a light supper in the afternoon. Without these, you may have to pay a huge amount to have a quick meal at an eatery on the street located around your sight-seeing site. These places are not usually recommended because the food is not always appetizing for its price.

Minimize the additional cost of eating during the trip by bringing some dry food. Source: Internet

However, you should put a limit on the dry food you bring along, because travelling with huge and heavy luggages is very inconvenient, and can even cost you a lot of money if you travel by plane.  Do the calculation and pack along what you think is the right amount for the whole trip.


8. Look up and compare prices before shopping

When dropped at the sight-seeing site or tourist attraction site, you should refrain from shopping at the department stores, and go into the local markets in stead if you have the chance. Here, you can shop for goods and souvenirs at a more affordable price and can also get to know more about the life of local people.

Compare prices before buying to avoid being overcharged. Source: Internet

However, at most tourist-attraction sites, or sight-seeing locations, sellers usually put a high price tag on goods. Therefore, it is best that you should look around a few stores to compare the price range to look for the most reasonable ones and finally make a decision. You can again go back to travelling groups to look for information about shopping places with affordable price. Another way is to ask the local people. Residents around tourist sites are usually very friendly and welcoming towards travelers, they will guide you to the right places to shop.   

All of the bove are the notes that you should take into consideration when you have a plan for budget travelling. Given the advanced development of technology, you just need a smartphone in your hand and have all the much needed travel applications. Not only do they save time and cost, these apps also help you plan your trip more easily. Airbnb or Booking.com are 2 of the nowadays popular hotel booking apps in the world, allowing you to find an accommodation facility that will satistify your needs at a reasonable price. Another option is CouchSurfing – an app that ideally connects members all around the world, providing a place to stay completely free of charge and at the same time, bringing together the direct experience of life and culture that is wholly local.


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